What does Revive mean?

  • We're glad you asked. Revive means "to bring back to life or rescue". It is also defined as "to give new strength or energy to". At Revive Haarlem our mission is to quite literally bring back to life & give new energy to your previously loved clothing. Join the Revive community where together we can responsible renew our closets.

When does new product arrive instore/ drop on the website?

  • New product arrives almost every day in store. Just a portion of that new product drops every Wednesday on our Webshop. Since we are a small business we only offer a few sell or trade in appointments per day from Wednesday-Sundays. We then need Monday & Tuesday to then prep, shoot, edit and upload to the web shop as well as steam and tag and place in store. To ensure you don't miss out on the best gems visit Gasthuisstraat 34, Haarlem every week and you will see all the new arrivals!

I’m not from Haarlem. Can I still come in to sell & trade with Revive?

  • Yes! Everyone is welcome no matter where you are from. You may stop by our store located at Gashuisstraat 34, Haarlem anytime with your items and well have a look.

How do buyers decide which items to take?

  • Our buyers make selections based on the style and condition as well as our current inventory needs. We only take clothing in excellent condition, completely clean, free from holes, stains or other damages. We pay close attention to items that are selling quickly in store/ on our web shop and to styles our customers are asking for. We also keep tabs on items that don’t sell so well. 

How do buyers determine if a designer item is authentic?

  • At Revive, we choose to have faith in the authenticity of all items provided by our local sellers. We leave it to our customers to decide whether they share this trust in our sellers. While some items may include authentication, we do not make it a mandatory requirement. We believe in fostering a straightforward shopping experience, and our team is here to support you throughout your buying journey.

I'm not sure if you'll like something I bring to sell?

  • Not sure about an item? Bring it anyways. You never know, your previously loved item could be just the something were looking for. 

How do you recommend I bring the clothes?

  • Before you head out the door to sell your clothes, give all your items a last look. Every item we buy heads straight out onto the rack to be sold and if special prepped and shot for our web shop. We look for clean clothing in excellent & good condition. We recommend folding your items rather than keeping them on hangers when selling.

Do you buy, sell & trade fast fashion brands like Zara, Bershka, H&M etc.?

  • Yes we do. We recognize that products from fast fashion brands are the most discarded items in the fashion industry. For this reason we want to ensure if they are still in good condition they too can go to a second home, even if it's for 10 Euro’s. 

Do you buy, sell & trade kids (infant to 12 years) clothes?

  • Unfortunately not at this time. But if it's something you'd be interested in send us an email with your request.

Do you buy, sell & trade swimwear, underwear, or athleticwear clothing?

  • Unfortunately, no we do not due to hygiene reasons. 

Do you buy, sell & trade plus size clothing?

  • Yes! We would like to carry plus sizing from XL-4XL. If you have clothes to sell please bring them in. We are almost guaranteed to buy them! 

Do you buy, sell & trade fur, leather, down etc.?

  • We believe that all items, regardless of material, such as fur, leather, and down, deserve the opportunity to be reused if they are in good condition. This aligns with our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

What happens after I sell or trade?

  • After you sell or trade, your buyer will tell you your cash and trade options. Trade gets you the most value for money. If you should choose to cash out we will do so via bank transfer or tikkie. For bank transfer we will need your IBAN details and your billing address. The funds should up to 5 business days to appear in your account. If you should choose trade credit we will give you a credit voucher code for you to use on the web shop or in store. New product arrives weekly in store and drops are every Wednesday on the web shop. We highly recommend you have a browse before you choose cash or trade.

What is consignment?

  • Consignment is when we sell your item and you get paid only after the item sells. At Revive you'll receive 50% of the total sale price in store credit or 40% in cash value. For example, if your item is listed for 200 Euro, you'll receive 80 Euro cash or 100 Euro store credit AFTER it sells. We understand that consignment may not be for everyone, so feel free to shop around. Our goal is simply to provide you with the best options and services possible.